Frequently Asked Questions

No.  Funding bodies stipulate that grant monies be used for strategies outlined in the project.  Grant projects are subject to auditing.

  • Grants
    • We provide you with a quote and a tax invoice, outlining the GST component.
  • Business Plans
    • After a free consultation with you we determine a quote based on what components of the business plan you want added.
  • Business Award Applications
    • Quote provided on the amount of work involved.
  • Events
    • Events will be charged on an hourly basis

This cannot be promised by any service in the grant writing business, there are no guarantees. We can guarantee to meet deadlines, and submit a professional well-written document, with the expertise at GPS we can greatly increase your chances of being funded.

Generally all that is required of you is to:

  •    Provide timely feedback to queries from GPS;
  •    Provide access to or liaise with local key stakeholders as may be required;
  •    Obtain letters of support (we can supply you with templates);
  •    Take photos (if required); and
  •    Assist with the provision of access to required corporate documents i.e. financials.

We will project manage your grant to ensure resources are deployed effectively and will ensure timely communication with your organisation.

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