Terms & Conditions -Disclaimer

  1. There is no guarentee that a contract prepared by us will be successful. 
  2. Our agreed services are documented in a contract, in which both parties sign, prior to our commencement of work. 
  3. Should a decision be reached that your organisation no longer wishes to submit the grant and cancel our services prior to the grant due date, you will still be required to pay for the work already completed.
  4. A deposit of 50% is required for all grant and business plans. For more involved, complex and costly plans, a negotiated payment plan can be made.
  5. Resume payments are to be made prior to any work commencing. Information requested by us to prepare your resume must be supplied to us at first available opportunity. If you do not supply information we cannot apply this to your resume. To update your resume is charged at $110 p/h.
  6. Changes to your grant/business plan after the contract has been signed may involve further cost to you. If the changes involve less work you will be either refunded for hours not worked by us, or have you final invoice reduced.
  7. We require certain information from you to prepare a grant or business plan fully. Information that is considered sensitive or secret can be placed into the document by yourself at a later date.
  8. We will have your business plan / grant completed by the date agreed to in the latest contract signed.